VONBROS Beard Brush

VONBROS Beard Brush

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VONBROS Beard Brushes are made with natural wood, natural ethical boar bristle or synthetic bristle, and custom finished, flame-torched and iron-branded by hand.

What does a beard brush do? The boar bristles are perfectly suited for human skin, as they scrub the skin, exfoliate without irritation, and distribute natural oils throughout your beard and skin. It feels like a beard massage! The bristles are also strong enough to get through most beards and give it the shape you want.

The synthetic bristle brush (pictured last) is a firmer bristled brush, less suited for skin massaging and exfoliated, but better suited for larger and thicker beards.

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TIPS: All beards are created uniquely, so with each beard grooming tip, you’ll have to practice and see what works best for yours. Our boar bristle brush already works great on short beards, as you can apply our oils, butters or balms and distribute the product nicely and evenly - all while training your beard to go in the shape and direction you want. This process will continue to work well with almost all beards - though some get too long and thick for the brush to handle (that’s when the beard comb comes in handy).

For reducing beard curliness, after washing do not dry your beard with a vigorous towel dry, but rather pat dry in a straight motion, leaving your beard a little damp to add product to. Using a blow dryer can help, but use only low heat from a distance and try avoiding combing or brushing while blow drying (this can straighten out your beard too much, leaving it thin and scraggly looking). Brushing your beard frequently can help train it to go the direction you want it to go.