VONBROS Beard Care Regimen Instruction and Product Guideline

Our Beard Care Regimen is based on a general 3-step process: beard washing, beard hydrating, and beard distribution/styling.


Products used: Beard and Body Wash (includes World Traveler).

Directions:  Apply Beard & Body Wash into palm of hand and rub together to create a natural lather.  Then apply to beard, hair, and body. For best results in the shower, use a loofah. 

BEARD WASHING INFO & TIPS:  Washing a beard is a tricky business.  Beard hair is coarser than other hair, and takes more natural skin oils (sebum) to hydrate it - this also dries out your skin underneath at a faster rate.  Conventional soaps, shampoos, and body washes will strip these natural oils from your beard and skin, drying it out even faster. Using VONBROS Beard & Body Wash is helpful because it cleans without stripping away too much of these oils!  It is still important to not over-wash your beard - a few times a week is plenty (you can rinse your beard with water daily).


DIRECTIONS:  Pump desired amount (1-4 pumps) of tincture into palm of hand and apply in and through the hair and skin for the strongest and healthiest beard.
TIPS:  Apply beard oil when beard is damp from rinsing or washing - this locks in moisture to prevent coarse beards and dry skin.

BEARD OIL GROWTH ELIXIR:  Our formula is packed full of the best hair growth enhancing oils the natural world has to offer!  Amla oil, Burdock Root oil, and Castor oil are 3 of at least 10 oils in this follicle-boosting blend.  Just apply regularly (up to once a day if your skin isn’t too oily) on your skin and work the oil in with your hands (or with beard comb/brush).  For best results, apply when your beard/face is washed (using harsh soaps/washes not recommended). Be sure to work the oil throughout your beard, as it will also add nourishing hydration like our beard oils.  The essential oils also boost hair growth, and have a pleasant woods and citrus scent.

BEARD BUTTER:  VONBROS beard butter is luxurious balm that provides beard hair conditioning along with skin moisturizing and repair that targets beard dandruff.  This soft and smooth formula is easy to apply and sits in your beard and on your skin virtually unnoticed. The hold is minimal, but provides enough that can help with a few stray hairs and overall shape of the beard.
DIRECTIONS & TIPS :  Scoop or scrape out desired amount of butter with your fingers into the palm of your hand.  Mix vigorously in hands until all product is melted and then spread throughout beard and into the skin underneath the beard.  For best results in skin moisturizing and beard softening, apply the Beard Butter while your beard is still damp from washing/rinsing. 

The best product for those looking to both style and condition their beard!  This smooth and all-natural formula goes on nicely once melted in your hands, and has a good hold that doesn’t sit heavy or feel greasy.
APPLICATION:  Scrape out the balm with an applicator or use your fingernail.  Put desired amount into the palm of your hand and rub hands together vigorously to melt the balm completely.  Then apply the balm in and throughout your beard.

VONBROS Moustache Wax is the natural way to tame that "stache" and give it a creative and handsome effect!  It's formulated to apply with relative ease while maintaining an agreeable amount of hold and stick - with the help of beeswax and natural pine resin. To use, just scrape off a small amount with your fingernail, melt the wax between your fingers and apply directly to your moustache.



The softness of natural peach wood will not irritate the skin, but gently exfoliates underneath your beard and distributes natural oils (from your skin or added beard product).  The teeth of the combs are spaced ideally for all types of beards, and with the strength of the wood you’ll have no problem getting through the thickest beard - a great detangler.  Finally, the beard comb will provide the final touch to shaping your beard the way you want it!


The boar bristles are perfectly suited for human skin, as they scrub the skin, exfoliate without irritation, and distribute natural oils throughout your beard and skin.  It feels like a beard massage! The bristles are also strong enough to get through most beards and give it the shape you want.


The synthetic bristles are firmer, getting through thicker beards in order to shape them and distribute product throughout them. Not as good for skin contact as the boar bristle brush.


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